Dear customer,

During yesterday’s Open Day we officially announced that PJS is going to change the business. We are sending you this email to give you a summary of yesterday’s presentation. 

In 2014, PJS flowers has been taken over by the Dutch Hoek family which owns one of the biggest flower exporters in Holland, called Hoek flowers.  

Hoek flowers is selling flowers, plants and sundries directly to florists in more than 50 countries worldwide. Over the last years we have seen the flower business changing. People are trying to find a more direct source to buy their flowers. The reasons for this development are mainly: price, assortment and sometimes freshness is playing a role as well. 

Also in Cardiff we see that the business is changing. When we started in 2014 most customers still came to the Cash & Carry. Nowadays most of you are using our web shop and delivery service. The same happened with the web shop. Since we introduced our Dutch Auction Stock in 2016, more and more customers started to buy from our stock in Holland instead of the PJS stock. At this moment 75% of our PJS customers are already buying more than 50% of their orders from our Dutch stock (Hoek flowers) during the week. 

Therefor PJS flowers decided to, from the 1st of January, stop selling from the Cash & Carry stock and supply all of our customers from our Dutch stock (Hoek flowers) in Wales.  

We understand this will be a big change for you, since your local partner will be gone. Besides the change this will bring in the order moment / cut of time, we do believe this will bring a lot of positive aspects for you: an enormous assortment, cheaper prices, buying direct from the source and earlier deliveries (we do not have to pick our flowers from the warehouse) so the delivery will be done straight from Holland to your doorstep in the pink Hoek flowers boxes.  

In this moment a lot of our PJS customers are using Hoek flowers ( already. If you haven’t received a login code yet, we will help to get you online as soon as possible.  

If you were not at our Open Day yesterday we do understand that you will have questions about this email. Please do not hesitate to contact us any time by phone or email. 

 Yours sincerely, the PJS Flowers team.

Hoek flowers

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